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The Grimsel Test Site (GTS) located in the Swiss Alps was established in 1984 as a centre for underground Research and Development (R&D) supporting a wide range of research projects on the geological disposal of radioactive waste. International partners from Europe, Asia and North America are working together at this unique facility.

International Partners from around the world

Currently running projects at the GTS

Upcoming Events related to the GTS

20th-21st March 2018: CIM Kick-off Meeting, Switzerland

2nd-3rd May 2018: CFM Workshop on thermodynamic benchmark calculations, Berlin-Germany

12th-13th June 2018: ISCO Meeting, Switzerland

18th-22nd June.2018:  EBS & BENTONITE properties and applications (optional FMT-URL visit, 23.06.2018). Details of the course will follow soon.

25th-29th June.2018:  Fundamentals of Geological Disposal of Radioactive Wastes (GTC-NTS). Course details on the Nuclear Training Solutions website.


Swiss TV : Neues Forschungs-Projekt soll Geothermie salonfähig machen


NUMO (Nuclear Waste Management Organization), Japan has become a new partner in following projects: CFM, LCS, LTD and MaCoTe.

ISCO Meeting 2016

Grimsel's Role in International Underground Research & Development

The Grimsel Test Site is a research facility and not a potential repository site; although investigations may utilise a wide range of radioactive tracers, no radioactive waste will be disposed of at the GTS.

Grimsel Partners from around the world

The GTS underground facilities are also available to interested 3rd parties for underground testing and research. The GTS offers cost-effective access to a fully developed, well characterised underground research facility with round the year logistical support - please contact Dr. Ingo Blechschmidt, Head of the Grimsel Test Site, for further details.
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