Gas Migration in EBS and Geosphere (GMT) - Experimental Concept

The experimental procedure consists of excavating a cavern, emplacing the engineered barrier systems (concrete silo, sand/bentonite buffer) and injecting gas in the centre of the concrete silo.

Laboratory studies, detailed site characterisation activities (hydrogeological, rock mechanical) and modelling studies complement the main experiment.


Experimental Concept Plan

How would gas injected inside the concrete silo move through the sand / bentonite?

Four different gas flow regimes can occur according to

  1. gas generation rates
  2. the confining stress

NB for low flow rates, diffusion in solution is also a possibility.

Classic Displacement flow:
Gas Pressure < Confining Stress
Flow around silo:
Gas Pressure > Vertical and Horizontal Confining Stress

Flow along top of silo: Gas Pressure > Vertical Confining Stress Fracture of EBS: Gas Pressure >>Confining Stress


The GTS underground facilities are also available to interested 3rd parties for underground testing and research. The GTS offers cost-effective access to a fully developed, well characterised underground research facility with round the year logistical support - please contact Dr. Ingo Blechschmidt, Head of the Grimsel Test Site, for further details.