Grimsel Test Site Brochures

In this section you can find some general release publications documenting the extensive research carried out at the Grimsel Test Site during the last 20 years.

Grimsel Brochure 2010

Grimsel Brochure 2010 - English (PDF 1,119 kb )

Grimsel Brochure 2010 - German (PDF 989 kb )

Nagra Bulletin - issue 34 - containing Grimsel Test Site article

Nagra Bulletin - English (PDF 2,262 kb )

Nagra Bulletin - German (PDF 3,002 kb )

Nagra Bulletin no 34

Info sheets for selected experiments

CRR info sheet - English (658 kb)
CRR info sheet
- German (544 kb)

FEBEX info sheet - English (1931 kb)
FEBEX info sheet
- German (978 kb)

GMT info sheet - English (1950 kb)
GMT info sheet
- German (2002 kb)

HPF info sheet - English (1870 kb)
HPF info sheet
- German (997 kb)

Grimsel Test Site Datasheets
Info sheet Preview
The GTS underground facilities are also available to interested 3rd parties for underground testing and research. The GTS offers cost-effective access to a fully developed, well characterised underground research facility with round the year logistical support - please contact Dr. Ingo Blechschmidt, Head of the Grimsel Test Site, for further details.