Every person working in the radiation controlled zone (whether as level B or C) wears a detector that records any radiation dose that they receive. This badge is called a thermo-luminescence detector (TLD). The area within the laboratory is also monitored using state-of-the-art instruments that measure the radiation levels within the laboratory and also with contamination monitors to ensure no spillages have occurred. Computer systems linked to very precise measuring equipment monitor the radionuclide tracers in the groundwater in real time.

Monitoring Equipment at the GTS
Monitoring equipment at the GTS

We have received clearance from ENSI for the use of transuranics radionuclides in the GTS. This is based on the successful application of "simpler" radionuclide tracers in previous experiments and the GTS is, to date, the only underground rock laboratory in the world where transuranics radionuclides can be added directly to the ground water.

All the work carried out in the controlled zone is strictly regulated now by BAG and permission is needed before any work involving radionuclides commences.