FEBEX Plug dismantlingFEBEX II carries on from the success of FEBEX I. Originally, it was planned to excavate both of the heating elements at the end of FEBEX I.

However, with 80% of the sensors still operational it was decided to continue with the heating phase of one heater and to remove the first heater.

The excavation of the EBS involved collection of over 1000 samples from various components of the EBS and provided invaluable data for the ongoing modelling programme.

FEBEX II Objectives

  • Improvement of the knowledge of the THM processes and validation of the numerical codes used.
  • Investigation of geo-chemical processes and validation of relevant numerical codes and databases.
  • Research on the potential changes in the key parameters of the buffer material.
  • Investigation of gas generation and transport processes.
  • Study of corrosion processes.
  • Study of the changes produced in the hydraulic regime of the rock mass with special emphasis on the excavation disturbed zone (EDZ).
  • Evaluation of the performance of the instruments and monitoring system.
  • Research and investigation of the technological aspects associated with canister retrieval


Full-scale High Level Waste Engineered Barriers (FEBEX)