Flow visualisation test performed by Solexperts.

Mortar Column Test

This test was performed to investigate the effect of injecting H2S as a gas flow visualisation tracer through partially saturated mortar.

Schematic of column test apparatus

Photographs taken on a) December 12th 2003, two days after starting N2/H2S injection b) December 22nd 2003, after the breakthrough of H2S. Column was saturated with traced water prior to gas injection.

Mortar Column Test: Dismantling photo documentation Sand/Bentonite

Mortar Column Test: Vertical section through mortar showing central line of gas injection port and near surface staining at the contact with the sand/bentonite.

Gas and water flow visualisation tests

Gas and water flow visualisation tests performed to develop understanding of flow mechanisms and relationships between water and gas flow.

Water flow paths visualised with sorbing tracer

Gas flow paths visualised with reactive gas tracer H2S

Long-term saturation of Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) High Resolution Column Test

As part of calibration work for the TDRs, a long-term high-pressure saturation experiment was started in February 2002. The column includes a central TDR measuring volumetric water content. Water is currently being injected at 1.85 MPa at the base of the column, which is not yet fully saturated.