As a consequence of Nagra’s main RD&D issues in connection with the EGTS, the main aims of the Gas-Permeable Seals Test (GAST) are:

  • The demonstration of the effective functioning of gas permeable seals at realistic scale and with realistic boundary conditions (‘proof of concept’)
  • The validation and, if necessary, improvement of current conceptual models for the re saturation and gas invasion processes into S/B seals
  • The determination of up-scaled gas / water permeabilities of S/B seals (i.e. two-phase flow parameters for large-scale models)

Secondary objectives (and by-product of the experiment) include or may include:

  • The evaluation of in-situ emplacement techniques and the necessary QA measures to be applied
  • The development of non-destructive monitoring systems (wireless or remote) and in particular tomographic survey methods (seismics, radar)

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Gas-Permeable Seal Test (GAST)