As part of Phase 2 of the LTD project, a second in-situ experiment has been excavated and is currently undergoing long-term pressure monitoring. During the recent LTD partner meeting in Mizunami, Japan on 27-28th May 2010 the LTD partners selected H-3, Cl-36, Na-22, Ba-133 and Cs-134 as well as stable Se(VI) for use in the second long-term in-situ diffusion test. Several criteria were used in the selection including length of half-lives, safety aspects, feasibility, results from the first in-situ experiment as well as the need to study of more safety relevant species namely Cl-36 and Se. Other work packages in Phase 2 include mock-up lab tests to study Cl-36, H-3 and Se and the application of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) to give insight into heterogeneities of diffusive transport away from a fracture in order to help provide experimental evidence quantifying effective surface area (used for safety assessment).

LTD partner meeting hosted by JAEA in Mizunami
LTD partner meeting hosted by JAEA in Mizunami, Japan 27th – 28th May 2010. The meeting included a visit to JAEA's underground research laboratory (MIU) in granite. From left to right are Akira Hayano and Yukio Tachi (JAEA), Jussi Ikonen and Marja Siitari-Kauppi (University of Helsinki), Vaclava Havlova (NRI) and Andrew Martin (Nagra).

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