The laboratory tests will be performed on two granite cores from the GTS: (i) tests with a matrix core representing the intact granite at the GTS and (ii) tests with a core which include a shear zone.

The planning of the experimental programme foresees the following steps:

  • recovery of two cores
  • construction of the experimental set-up and detailed test plan

Beside controlled saturation and desaturation tests, a tracer test to visualise the flow path will be carried out on the core which includes a shear zone.

The laboratory experiment will feed into the ongoing FEBEX long-term monitoring programme at the GTS by providing new calibration functions for the granite probes. Post-processing of the entire TDR data base will provide an updated TDR data set for the FEBEX master data base.

Time schedule

  • Start of the NF Pro in 2005
  • In-situ measurements (water content evolution of the EBS till 2007)
  • Laboratory programme 2005 to 2006


Near Field Processes (NF-PRO) Experiment Diffusion - Long Term Diffusion project (LTD)